Thank-The-SoldiersThis is an original song written, played (guitar) and sung by Brent Jackson. The original music was recorded in BYU studios, but the vocal was recently re-done (messing around with the auto-tune effect, which wasn’t so overused and abused when he did this).

The fun part with this song is that it was sent to Capital Records in LA, and they called to tell us how much they liked it. But it was toward the end of Desert Storm and weren’t doing any more “Soldier songs”. But they wanted us to send them more songs if we had any ready. We were too busy to follow up with any more, so it died from there.

Oh well. The fish that got away.

Thank the Soldiers – New

Written By: Brent Jackson
Sung by: Brent Jackson
Guitar: Brent Jackson
Other Music: BYU Students